Please maximize the player to properly capture the mouse!

Note that this is an unifinished game, which is playable, but lacks many features including tutorials. Instructions below:

Walk around using WASD. You can play the card game by walking close to the game board on the table and clicking mouse1 while looking at it.

Card game rules:

Click cards to pick them up. Click again on an empty tile to place a card back down. Click and hold to try combining cards. Combining works by dragging the mouse through several neighbouring cards (without backtracking or diagonals). Recipes are given below.Moving cards expends energy, which is limited. When all energy is expended, no further card movement is possible, and you should end the day by pressing BACKSPACE

Standing up will cause all top-tier resources (like firewood, pumpkin pie, etc.) to be added to your resource counter. Your first target should be firewood: combine two sticks to form a log, and combine two logs to create firewood.

Sitting back down at the table will replenish all your energy, and consume some of your stockpiled resources to give you a comfort boost. The boost lets you move more cards to use more complex recipes.

Recipe list:

Top tier resources:
Pumpkin + Pumpkin + Firewood + Sticks + Water -> Pumpkin pie
Apple + Apple + Firewood + Sticks + Water -> Apple tart
Log + Sticks + Water + Firewood-> Book
Log + Log + Sticks + Fabric -> Furniture
Fabric + Sticks -> Pillow
Log + Log -> Firewood
Intermediate resources:
Flax + Flax + Water -> Fabric
Dirt + Water + Log -> Apple
Sticks + Sticks -> Log
Dirt Water Seeds (50%) -> Pumpkin
Dirt Water Seeds (50%) -> Flax

The goal of the game was to raise the comfort level with resources acquired from the card game, which would be reflected in new furniture and decorations appearing inside and outside of the room. This is not implemented.

Trees made with the help of Broccoli Tree Creator. All other assets are made from scratch.

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